As a perfect complement to your shopping experience, we invite you to enjoy a stylish bite-to-eat in our lovely café.  We serve exceptional Italian coffee from one of the finest roasting companies in the world, proper French pastries, delicious sandwiches and mouth-watering cakes.   All our food is seasonal, local and made fresh every day.  

Presentation is all-important to us - you will find the café filled with fresh flowers and all our food and drink served on Juliska ceramics. Either enjoy sitting inside amongst the antiques and home accessories, or watch the world go by on our (sometimes!) sun-drenched terrace.  Our staff are handpicked for their warmth and friendliness.  We look forward to making your visit a very special one.

Ask us about our private party CELEBRATION TEAS.

we go out of our way to make sure we stop at nest
Simply the best coffee in the world. Superb atmosphere created by lovely genius owner Deborah Holden who scans the world for the most captivating decoration, books, interesting, unique things… not to be missed! (Pablo)

a must to visit
It's not often you walk into a shop or café and get such a warm welcome. The combination of great food, great staff and an eclectic mix of wonderful things to buy works beautifully. My favourite place in Ripley to visit by a country mile.
Love it! (Martin)